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Surgoinsville was chartered in 1815 and named for James Surguine. The town offers, adjacent to it, the second-largest industrial park in Northeast Tennessee, the Phipps Bend Industrial District.

Phipps Bend is a joint venture between the county government of Hawkins County and the city government of Kingsport.

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Introduction to Surgoinsville, Tennessee

The year was 1750, and whispers of fertile land beyond the Allegheny Mountains drifted like smoke through the frontier taverns. Among those drawn by the siren song of new beginnings was James Surguine, a French Huguenot fleeing religious persecution. With a heart as rugged as the Appalachian peaks and a spirit as resilient as the Holston River’s current, he carved a claim, his axe biting into virgin timber. This, he declared, would be his haven, his Surgoinsville.

Life in the valley was a symphony of sweat and song. Log cabins rose like mushrooms, fields yielded bounties of golden wheat, and the clang of hammer on forge echoed through the rising town. James, a man of vision, laid out streets grid-like, dreaming of a bustling trade center. But fate, like the mountain winds, can be fickle. The Revolutionary War swept through the valley, leaving scars deeper than musket wounds. Surgoinsville, barely born, lay dormant, its dreams buried beneath the ashes of conflict.

Decades of quietude followed. Children’s laughter replaced the clash of steel, and the town, stripped of its founder, sank into a peaceful slumber. It was Abigail, James’s fiery granddaughter, who rekindled the embers of Surgoinsville’s spirit. In 1815, with eyes like flint and tongue laced with honey, she rallied the townsfolk. From the ashes of neglect, they raised a courthouse, its brick face a defiant testament to their resilience. Surgoinsville, finally, was officially born.

But even a town with grit has growing pains. The Civil War ripped through the valley, brother against brother, friend against friend. Surgoinsville, caught in the crossfire, became a crossroads of heartache. Yet, from the ashes of division, rose unity. The town, like a phoenix, rebuilt, its spirit forged anew in the fires of hardship.

The 20th century saw Surgoinsville embrace both tradition and progress. Carriages gave way to cars, the clang of the blacksmith to the rumble of factories. The Phipps Bend Industrial Park, a leviathan of steel and glass, rose just outside its borders, its smokestacks painting the sky with dreams of prosperity.

Today, Surgoinsville stands, a testament to the indomitable spirit of its founder and the generations who followed. In its weathered streets and stoic homes, whisper the echoes of a rich past. On courthouse steps, where Abigail once rallied, children now play, their laughter a promise of a bright tomorrow. Surgoinsville, the town born of resilience, still whispers its story, a testament to the human spirit’s unwavering thirst for life, liberty, and the pursuit of a dream.

And so, the story of Surgoinsville continues, a saga woven from hardship and hope, echoing through the valley like the murmur of the Holston River, a testament to the enduring spirit of a town born and reborn, a vibrant mosaic of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Surgoinsville Covered Bridge Park

Surgoinsville Covered Bridge Park

Weather & Best Time to Visit

Due to its overall mild climate in summer and winter, There really is never a bad time to visit Surgoinsville; However, many people enjoy the beautiful spring burst of color across it’s landscape in April. Also, throughout the summer months from May – October, Surgoinsville offers the best access to the Holston River at Surgoinsville River Front Park. Also, stop-by and have lunch in the Surgoinsville Covered Bridge Park.

Weather Forecast Every Month

Month High / Low(°F)Rain
January 46° / 26° 8 days
February 51° / 29° 7 days
March 61° / 36° 8 days
April 70° / 44° 8 days
May 77° / 53° 8 days
June 84° / 60° 8 days
July 87° / 64° 8 days
August 86° / 63° 6 days
September 81° / 57° 5 days
October 70° / 45° 5 days
November 59° / 36° 6 days
December 49° / 29° 7 days

Surgoinsville Businesses

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