Visitor’s Guide: Johnson City

Nestled in the foothills of the scenic Appalachian Mountains, Johnson City, Tennessee combines big-city amenities, small-town Southern charm, and world-class outdoor recreation into a travel destination for everyone. Whether you’re looking for your next adventure, a leisurely weekend retreat, or a family-friendly vacation, you can Go. All. Out. in Johnson City.

Introduction to Johnson City

Johnson City offers numerous places and activities to help you create the vacation of a lifetime. Blaze your own trail in Johnson City. There’s so much to explore, experience and invent. Leave no sight unseen, no path untravelled. Explore the Trip Planner to discover activities and festivals hand-picked for you, or keep scrolling to learn more about the city’s best seasonal, guide-oriented, and history-based activities.

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History of Johnson City
Johnson City’s proud heritage dates back to the years of American colonization. William Bean, Tennessee’s first colonizer, built his cabin along Boone’s Creek in 1768, and Henry Johnson officially founded the city in 1856 as a railroad station called “Johnson’s Depot.” The city served as a major rail hub for the Southeast, was officially incorporated in 1869, and grew rapidly from 1870 to 1890 alongside the mining and railroad industries.
Today, Johnson City pays homage to its roots with historical landmarks, museums, tributes to Appalachian culture, and local experts who interpret these stories for future generations. At the same time, Johnson City continues to innovate for the future as a world-class hub for outdoor recreation, a bustling college town, and a vibrant community full of Southern charm. Make sure to learn more about Johnson City’s history on your next trip!

Weather & Best Time to Visit

Due to its mountain mild climate in summer and winter, There really is never a bad time to visit Johnson City; However, many people enjoy the beautiful spring burst of color across it’s mountain landscape in early April.  Fall is also a great time to visit, with the leaves turning bright gold and orange.

Weather Forecast Every Month

Month High / Low(°F)Rain
January 46° / 26° 8 days
February 51° / 29° 7 days
March 61° / 36° 8 days
April 70° / 44° 8 days
May 77° / 53° 8 days
June 84° / 60° 8 days
July 87° / 64° 8 days
August 86° / 63° 6 days
September 81° / 57° 5 days
October 70° / 45° 5 days
November 59° / 36° 6 days
December 49° / 29° 7 days

Top Attractions of Johnson City

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